Meddelande från Plejaderna

Dearly beloved

Mother earth is shaking, she is thriving with joy and happiness

In the new paradigm coming in

She has been waiting for a very long time for humanity to wake up

There has been a dark time during this period and you all have been working very hard - we thank you for that.

We thank you

You have all walked your own path in this lifetime, in this timeline and you have all been working very well.

Transforming darkness, rising the vibration, the frequency

There is a critical time ahead of you

You need to find yourself in your hearts

The heart is the only way forward

The heart - your beautiful heart filled with unconditional love will guide you

So stay true to yourself

Breathe - you have the perfect tool for this - your breath

So breathe

Center yourself and remember who you are

Remember the light, the love, the curiosity, the inspiration and the fire within, the spirit of who you truly are

Make sure you are grounded

That is the first step

Ground yourself deep deep deep down into Mother Earth

So whatever storm that comes, you are rooted and you stand your ground

If you are fully grounded - nothing can move you, nothing can touch you, nothing can hurt you

So do this everyday

What we can tell you about the future is that it is going to change

Change is scary for many people, change is good fore some

Change is wanted for many of you walking on this earth right now

What you have seen before has not been aligned with your true inner self

What you have seen has caused pain

What you have seen has caused an unwillingness to be here

But what you will se will give you hope, will give you the strength, the energy to


Yes, there is a challenge of course

Changes brings challenges

But now you are strong enough to meet any challenge saved in front of you

You have chosen this

And you know that you have the tools and the strength to go through it

and to grow even more

Remember - you didn’t come here to suffer

You didn’t come here to be a slave

You didn’t come here to NOT prosper and bloom

This planet has all the ability to be Paradise on Earth

If you choose so

I can sense that many of you are awake - wanting that

Thriving for that

Yes there are many out there watching this, many light workers in other realms, in other universes

Holding space, aligned with the highest frequency

And you can ask for help - but you need to A S K them

For aid, help and healing

To help you in this transition

If you need guidance, ground yourself thoroughly

and connect with the highest realm possible for you at this moment

vibrate at the same frequency as in the frequency that you invite in - ask for that

And then you can get information, guidance, healing, light and love

You can ask for the big wave of the violet flame

The violet flame of healing

Of balance

The Yin and Yang combined

The female and the male

Sacred in union

Healing mankind

For harmony


And Peace

So let the violet flame shower you

Inside and out

Let it flood in your system

Clearing away all obstacles and hinders of your path

Let the violet flame burn away all the darkness

All the shadows that lingers in your system, hiding

Free yourself from what you have been carrying

That no longer serves you

Let there once again be light on Mother Earth

Let there be joy


And people UNITE

We love you

And now we bid you farewell, until next time

Thank you thank you thank you

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